What You Can Do About Abusive Lawsuits

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What You Can Do About Abusive Lawsuits

1 March 2022
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While most lawsuits are filed with the intended purpose in mind, there are many situations in which this is not the case. When somebody files a lawsuit with the intention of harassing or abusing somebody else, this is called abusive litigation.

Abusive litigation occurs when somebody else is trying to have power over you using the court system. It may occur with cases of domestic violence or in other harassment cases. In many cases, these lawsuits are used to inflict emotional and financial distress.

When Do Lawsuits Become Abusive?

A lawsuit can become abusive when it feels constant. Somebody may constantly try to sue you or serve you with orders that don't make any sense. Somebody might file a protective order against you or somebody else in your family simply to cause distress. They might request that the court order an evaluation of your mental health, or they might sue you for the costs of personal belongings for the sake of harassing you.

Ultimately, a lawsuit may become abusive when it feels frivolous and when you feel as if you are being harassed. For instance, you might be receiving new court summons weekly or monthly.

Why Do Some People Pursue Abusive Lawsuits?

There are many reasons why people might pursue these lawsuits. They might be trying to dig into your history or medical records, or they might be trying to force you to spend money. In some cases, it's all about making you feel scared or intimidated.

Often, the goal is to get you back into court. This means that the other party might be trying to get involved in your life, prevent you from moving on with your life, or use the courts to keep you close. Some parties may pursue a claim until you agree to be involved in their life again.

Can You Do Anything About Abusive Lawsuits?

You can take some steps to prevent abusive lawsuits from taking over your life. You can ask the judge to file an order that restricts abuse in the form of litigation. For instance, the judge may prohibit all new lawsuits or put into place other rules regarding legal contact.

A lawyer can help you stop these abusive lawsuits. When you meet with a lawyer, you can discuss the ways in which lawsuits have been abusive and the steps you need to take to ensure that you are safe and no longer harassed.

Speak to an attorney to learn more about how to stop abusive lawsuits

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