Different Types Of Truck Accidents

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Different Types Of Truck Accidents

29 August 2019
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If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident involving an 18-wheeler, you may be entitled to compensation. Due to the gigantic size and weight of a truck hauling cargo, accidents involving an 18-wheeler are usually quite serious and could include fatalities. Hiring a truck accident attorney has proven beneficial for many people who have been involved in these serious accidents. There are many different types of truck accidents, which could be the fault of the truck driver or the driver of another vehicle. These accidents include but are not limited to:

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife is one where the blade of a knife can be extended from the handle or folded back into it. In a similar fashion, an 18-wheeler can fold at this angle, which is extremely dangerous. This happens when a truck driver is required to slam on their brakes at a high speed. The weight of the trailer does not allow it to stop in time with the front of the truck, so it swings out past the front. The swinging of the cargo trailer can cause it to hit surrounding vehicles, cause them to run off the road, force them to come in contact with other vehicles, or in unfortunate cases, smash them against a wall. 

No Zone Accidents

Just as with smaller vehicles, there are many blind spots on an 18-wheeler. These blind spots include the area within the turning radius, the space directly behind the truck, and the area alongside the truck that is out of the view of the mirrors. Drivers who are unaware of these blind spots sometimes drive there unknowingly, and then end up being hit when the truck turns or switches lanes. 

Underride Accidents

Since most trucks hauling cargo are quite large, they are usually elevated high off the ground. This elevation can cause big problems for other cars off the road since they are usually small and low to the ground. Drivers and haulers alike have accidentally come in contact with one another, causing smaller cars to underride the truck. These accidents can be extremely dangerous, due to the dangers or decapitation and head trauma. 

In conclusion, no matter who was at fault, it is a good idea for parties involved in a trucking accident to get legal representation. Do not leave the fate of your case up to someone else. Take control by hiring a truck accident attorney today. 

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