Men And Domestic Violence: What To Do If You're Falsely Accused Of Striking Your Spouse

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Men And Domestic Violence: What To Do If You're Falsely Accused Of Striking Your Spouse

1 September 2015
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If your spouse abuses you throughout your marriage but falsely accuses you of abusing them, you may not know where or who to turn to for help. Although domestic violence is an ongoing problem for women, men can also experience physical and emotional abuse. However, because of the stigmas men face, such as being larger and stronger than females, finding help to overcome your situation isn't easy. A criminal lawyer can help you overcome your false charges by presenting evidence of your abuse. In addition, you can take steps to protect you and any children you have in your marriage from an angry and abusive spouse. 

Find Other Victims of Your Spouse

Although this isn't always the case, people who abuse others often have a past history of abuse themselves. Your spouse's parents may have abused them as a child and because of that your spouse may have abused others besides you. Your attorney needs to find out if any of these problems pertain to your spouse in order to strengthen your case.

One of the ways to do so is to find other victims of the abusive spouse. Your criminal defence attorney may check the abuser's past history with the law, such as pulling records from the state and city police department.

Checking criminal court records is an option as well. In most cases, the abusive spouse will have a criminal record on file with dates and details about the incidents, as well as the names of the people your spouse harmed. You may not have the ability to delve deeper into your spouse's past, but your attorney can. 

Your criminal lawyer can contact the past victims to see if they're willing to give written or video affidavits of their experiences with your spouse. The affidavits may give your attorney enough evidence to pursue charges against the spouse and possibly clear your record of the accusations. Your attorney will discuss what they plan to do in greater detail during a private and secure meeting. 

Obtain Custody of Your Children

You may also wish to gain full custody of your children to protect them from them your abusive spouse, especially if the spouse threatened to harm your children in the past. Children exposed to violence can become abusers or develop a number of mental and personal issues now and in the future. Protecting your children now is critical.

Your criminal attorney may work directly with Canada's child services and family court to help you obtain custody of your children or establish a bid for custody. Your lawyer can use the evidence gathered in the beginning of your case to help you do so.

Speaking to your kids' teachers, babysitters and other family members, such as a close cousin or grandparent, may help your attorney prove that the spouse abuses or has the potential to abuse your kids. Sometimes, children confide in people they trust outside of their abusive homes. However, other kids may try to hide their family's problems.

Interviewing people who have witnessed your spouse's violent behavior could help your attorney gain custody of the kids for you. This type of evidence strengthens your cases even further because they back up your claims of false accusations and domestic violence.

Keep in mind that your attorney may need to clear your name of the abuser's accusations before you can move forward with a custody case. Your attorney can explain the procedures and steps you can take so that you understand your options.

If you need help clearing your name of false domestic violence accusations and gaining custody of your children, contact a criminal defence lawyer today. Don't be afraid to fight back, even when odds seem stacked against you.

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