Reasons You Need To Be Wonderful To Yourself During A Divorce

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Reasons You Need To Be Wonderful To Yourself During A Divorce

26 April 2017
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When people are going through a divorce, it's unfortunately common for their self-esteem to take a hit. That can be bad on many levels, and it's really important to try to prevent that as best you can. One way that you can combat the temptation to give into negativity is being great to yourself. These reasons show why it's a great idea to prioritize self-care during the difficult time of a divorce.

Reason #1: You Need to Be Strong to Help Your Kids Through This Tough Time

Nobody ever said divorce was easy, and it may be one of the biggest traumas in your kids' lives. It's important to be as healthy as possible so you can be there for your children. If you are emotionally depleted yourself, it can be hard to be fully present and giving in a sustainable way. On the other hand, if you have made the effort to take great care of your own needs, you are likely to have more physical and mental energy to lavish attention on your children.

Reason #2: You Can Rely on Therapy to Help Break Negative Cycles in a Family

Psychotherapy is another way that you can take great care of yourself. If you plan family therapy to help everyone adapt, it may also be a good idea to schedule individual therapy where you can focus on your unique needs and pain in a safe place where you have full permission to put yourself first for the moment. By going to therapy, you can empower yourself to break negative cycles in your own family.

Reason #3: You Will Have an Easier Time Bouncing Back if You Feel Good

It's common for people to fall into a deep depression during a divorce. That can cause them to fall into self-destructive habits that just worsen their situation and make them feel worse, creating a vicious cycle that can lead to a downward spiral. However, if you instead join a gym and make a commitment to going there for yourself several times per week, you can feel physically better and empowered for a new life after the divorce. The same is true for other things that may make you feel good like yoga classes, hikes in the woods, or neighborhood walks with your kids.

Finally, keep in mind that everyone is going to have bad days during a divorce. It's only natural. However, you can oftentimes lessen their impact in your life if you're taking fantastic care of yourself and doing what it takes to pick yourself up when you fall. When you show your kids that you love yourself even during the difficulties of a divorce, you are setting a great example of how they should treat themselves in good times and bad times. For help with the legal aspects of your divorce, contact a divorce attorney at a law firm like the Law Office of Emily T. Ross.

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