Reasons To Limit Alcohol Availability At Your Backyard Barbecue This Summer And How To Do It

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Reasons To Limit Alcohol Availability At Your Backyard Barbecue This Summer And How To Do It

15 June 2017
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Food on the grill, laughs in the sun, friendly conversation, and cold alcoholic drinks are all reasons why holding a backyard summer barbecue at your house can be a lot of fun. While serving alcoholic beverages at the party, whether it is ice cold beer or chilled wine, can be a great gesture as a host or hostess, not limiting how much guests drink can get you in some really sticky situations. Take a look at some of the reasons it is important to keep how much guests drink in check at your backyard barbecue. 

If an inebriated guests is injured, you could be held liable. 

The fact is, you can actually be sued in a personal injury claim if someone gets injured on your property. So even if a guest has one two many cold ones or a few too many margarita sips for the evening and they get a little clumsy and fall, you could be the one held responsible in a court of law. 

If an inebriated guests hurts someone else, you could be held liable. 

One guest drinks too much and is not a good-time Charlie sort of person when inebriated, so they end up having it out with another guest and pushing them down the stairs on your deck. Even though this can happen without anything to do with you, the injured guests was injured on your property, so you could be held responsible for their medical costs, lost wages, or pain and suffering.  This url has more:

But, how do you limit what each guests drinks politely?

You are probably questioning how you can pull this off without making your barbecue guests feel like you are being too much of a prude. there are actually a couple of ways this can be done without making you look like the unwelcoming party thrower. For one, cut down the duration of the event so guests don't have as much time to drink. Start later in the evening and make sure guests know the event must be over by a certain time. Additionally, keeping the foods and snacks flowing will help prevent people from drinking as much. You can also hire a bartender and instruct them to only serve light beer or mixed drinks with a low alcohol content. If you want to skip the alcohol all-together, consider making your backyard barbecue a family-friendly one and let guests know that no alcohol will be served at the party. 

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