The Nature Of A Temporary Total Disability Case And The Benefits Of Workers Compensation Attorneys

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The Nature Of A Temporary Total Disability Case And The Benefits Of Workers Compensation Attorneys

12 August 2017
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When people suffer from severe injuries at work, they may end up being temporarily unable to work. In many cases, they can suffer from what is known as temporary total disability. It is possible to get workers compensation in cases like these. It is important to know how to qualify, how much to expect to make, and how a workers compensation attorney can help.

Qualifying For Temporary Total Disability Benefits

One of the most devastating situations that can occur to a person in their workplace is temporary total disability. While it is not as severe as permanent total disability, it can still make it hard for them to work. Even worse, it can cost them thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical bills while they receive intensive and specialized care.

Qualifying for these kinds of benefits requires having been injured at the workplace and being unable to work temporarily because of a disability. For example, someone who loses the use of both legs for a short period may qualify for coverage if their disability occurred at work. This fact is especially true if their injury was caused by neglect from their employers.

Calculating Average Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Figuring out the amount of money a person earns during this period varies from state to state. In many states, it is typically capped at the average weekly work wage for that state. For example, if an injury occurs in Colorado and that state has an average weekly work wage of $800, that is the most that a person can receive during their temporary total disability.

This fact is true even if the person received a higher weekly work wage in their normal job. For example, if a person earned $1,000 a week on average, they would still be capped at $800. The calculation processes for these wages will vary based on the state and various other factors, such as how long a person worked at their job. As a result, it is crucial to hire a professional workers compensation attorney to handle these cases.

The Benefits Of A Workers Compensation Attorney

Hiring a workers compensation attorney for this type of case is a crucial step. Too many people who are injured at work accept a settlement without fighting for maximum benefits. As a result, they end up being unable to survive through their temporary disability and can't pay for their medical coverage.

A good attorney will fight for a person's right to receive the maximum amount of workers compensation possible. There is no reason to settle for less when it is possible to get more. So make sure to talk to one of these high-quality lawyers, such as from Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S., if you are suffering from temporary total disability caused by an accident at work.

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