The Benefits Of Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney Right From The Beginning

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney Right From The Beginning

17 August 2017
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If you were injured at work, you may be unsure whether you need to hire a workers compensation attorney to help you. Some people put off hiring one until they encounter problems, while other people decline to hire one altogether. If you are considering hiring a lawyer for your workers compensation claim, there are many benefits to doing it right from the get-go. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a workers compensation attorney as soon as you are injured. 

They Can Help You Navigate Through the Confusion of Filing a Claim

When you hire an attorney from the beginning of your claim, one of the benefits is that the attorney can help you navigate through the confusion that can occur in the initial phases. Many people who are injured on the job do not know how to notify their employer, what medical documentation they need, how to file a claim with the insurance company, or what their rights are. An attorney can file the claim and guide you through the initial stages, allowing you to focus on recovery. 

They Can Help You Avoid Mistakes That Can Cause Delays or Denials

Another benefit to hiring a workers compensation attorney at the beginning of your case is that the attorney can help you avoid mistakes that can result in your claim being delayed or denied. In some states, your employer may dictate which medical clinic or occupational health center you can treat with for the first 30 to 90 days of your claim. If you are treated with doctors outside of this network, your claim can be denied for a lack of medical documentation. Your claim can also be delayed or denied because the insurance company is missing forms or has not been in contact with you. These delays and denials can affect your bi-weekly disability payments that you may be entitled to while you heal, which can cause you to not have the money you need to pay your bills. 

The Fees are the Same Regardless of When They Start to Help

The last benefit to hiring a workers compensation attorney from the beginning is that the attorney gets the same amount regardless of whether they help you from the beginning of the claim or only the last few months. Workers compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they get a percentage of your settlement, rather than billing you by the hour. As such, it is beneficial to you to hire one from the beginning, as you don't have to worry about paying more for their services. 

If you are injured on the job, the first thing you should do is notify your employer. They can direct you to an occupational health center to be treated or refer you to your own doctor for treatment. After getting the medical attention you need, consider finding a workers compensation attorney to assist you with filing your claim and everything else thereafter. 

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