Medical, Psychological, And Financial Consequences Of A Traumatic Amputation

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Medical, Psychological, And Financial Consequences Of A Traumatic Amputation

30 September 2019
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One of the most extreme examples of a catastrophic injury is a limb amputation. Despite the gravity of a traumatic amputation injury, your insurance company may make an attempt to minimize your pain and suffering when you file a claim. A catastrophic injuries lawyer offers you the experience you need to pursue your legal rights so that you get the compensation you deserve after your amputation. Here are some of the most common emotional and financial consequences of an amputation injury.

Physical And Emotional Consequences

An amputation diminishes the quality of life and prevents victims from effectively performing their activities of daily living. It also makes caring for a child difficult and can significantly affect your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Amputation victims are often left traumatized by the accident, which may affect them throughout their entire lives. Lower limb amputations often require months, or even years, of extensive physical therapy to regain strength and balance.

Victims may also need prosthetic limb training to learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg. Using prosthetic legs and arms poses certain physical challenges and sometimes results in further injury to the affected limb.

After a limb amputation, you may be unable to drive a car because of physical limitations or fear of causing an accident. Your catastrophic injuries attorney will take these factors into consideration when preparing your legal case.  

Financial Burdens 

The future medical costs of an amputation injury can be staggering. If your health insurance does not cover the costs of your prosthetic limb, you will be forced to pay for it "out of pocket." This can cause a devastating financial burden, and if you are unable to pay for your prosthesis, you will have to go without it. In addition, your home may need modifications to accommodate your disabilities, which may further contribute to a financial hardship.

If you lose a leg, you may also need a motorized chair lift. The installation of an outdoor ramp may also be necessary if you are confined to a wheelchair or if you are unable to safely navigate the stairs. Your attorney will consider modification costs when preparing your case.

If you needed a limb amputation as a result of an accident, contact a catastrophic injuries lawyer. He or she will review the police reports, your medical records, video surveillance footage, and may depose witnesses to provide testimony. Once all the needed evidence has been sorted and reviewed, your case will be heard, and if the judge finds in your favor, you may be awarded a substantial monetary settlement for your physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering, and future medical care.

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