This Information Could Help You Dispute A Red Light Traffic Violation

If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

This Information Could Help You Dispute A Red Light Traffic Violation

12 October 2020
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Running a red light is a driving mishap that many drivers face. Sometimes it is unintentional, and other times, individuals may think that they can manage to get through a light before it changes to red. Speed and inability to properly brake and stop in time can also result in someone passing through a red light. Many have gotten away with this type of traffic violation because there were not any police officers around to witness it. Other times officers may be distracted and do not see it. 

Some drivers assume that a traffic violation involving a red light is an open-and-shut case. They wrongly assume that there is no point in trying to challenge the validity of the charge. These individuals may take it upon themselves to pay their tickets without attempting to dispute them. However, there are drivers who do not agree with their tickets and may choose to dispute them. It is important to keep in mind that it is up to the state and the officer who writes the citation to prove that the violation is valid. Sometimes their evidence may not have true evidentiary value. The following points will help you understand two ways to handle a red light traffic violation ticket.

Consider Your Driving Record

If you have never received a traffic citation, you are considered to have a clean driving record. You can use this impeccable driving history in your favor. You may be able to use your driving record as proof that you are a safe driver, especially if you are an experienced driver or hold several license types. Even if you have had a ticket or a few, you might still have a chance of getting your ticket reduced or get an order to pay the ticket without getting points on your license. 

Know What You Want

You may not be concerned about paying the ticket but not want it to be permanent on your driving record. This could be negotiated. Sometimes officers write tickets that get challenged, and the accused may win and get their cases dismissed. It is also possible for the settling of the case to be no formal payment but rather a warning.

A traffic violation attorney is a good resource to use for guidance regarding red-light citations and other types of traffic-related offenses. This is even more important if you have existing points on your license, multiple citations, a clean driving record, or face the risk of a license suspension. Attorneys may be able to negotiate a favorable option for settling the ticket or getting it dismissed. 

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