Situations When You Can Pursue A Personal Injury Claim Along With Worker's Compensation

If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

Situations When You Can Pursue A Personal Injury Claim Along With Worker's Compensation

8 December 2020
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Worker's compensation lets you receive money for the period of time that it takes you to recover from a work-related injury. However, you might also be able to pursue a personal injury claim too to receive more compensation. Here are some situations where this might be applicable. 

Third-Party Negligence

The accident that took place at work may not have been something your company is at fault for. Sometimes, it could be because of a third-party. They may have been negligent in some way and that is the reason you injured yourself.

For example, your company may rent property that is owned by someone else. If you accidentally fell because floors weren't designed the correct way, then the property owner should be held accountable and you can then go forward with a personal injury claim along with worker's compensation.

Misconduct From Employer

There are some employers out there that unfortunately don't put the safety of their workers at the top of their priority list. This can lead to all kinds of work-related injuries like falls and equipment injuries.

If you believe your employer's misconduct is the reason why you got injured in the first place, then seeking a personal injury claim against them is a smart move.

You should still get worker's compensation, but the personal injury claim will help you recover financially even more and actually aid other workers that have been exposed to the same threats around similar work environments.

Employer's Failure to Comply With Worker's Compensation

There are times when employers don't follow through with a worker's compensation claim with workers are injured. They may think they don't have to or may question the authenticity of your injury. When put in this position, you should go ahead and seek a personal injury claim.

You may have been denied worker's compensation, but you can still get compensation from a personal injury claim by working with an attorney that specializes in this area of law. They'll force the employer's hand and potentially help you get both compensation types, which will make your recovery a lot easier to deal with.

Injuries happen all of the time at work. Sometimes they are preventable and other times things just happen. If you're approaching worker's compensation and situations occur where a personal injury claim also might be worth pursuing, then you want to proceed carefully. A personal injury attorney can help you assess both and get you benefits for things you're now having to pay for.

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