How To Know If It's Time To Retain A Child Custody Lawyer

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How To Know If It's Time To Retain A Child Custody Lawyer

13 June 2022
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Whether it has been years since you have had to get lawyers involved or maybe you and your ex were always able to settle things on your own, the situation might have changed and you might be approaching a time when you need professional legal help. How do you know if you really need to take that step and go the legal route? Here are a few signs that indicate you should speak with a child custody lawyer:

Your Ex Is Dropping Hints About Moving Out Of State

Even if you have heard it all before, if the custodial parent of your child is talking about moving out of state, you will want to speak to a child custody lawyer. In most states, the custodial parent can be stopped from relocating over the state line with the children you share together. Of course, if there is nothing in writing, they could just move and then you would have to go to court to try to get them to move back. Once it gets to that point though, it will be a harder thing to accomplish. The best thing is to have the lawyers step in and get it in writing that no one is allowed to relocate out of state without permission.

Your Ex Is Starting To Limit Your Visitations

It is nice when co-parents can mutually agree upon slight changes in the visitation schedule when someone is sick or when something big comes up. However, if the custodial parent is seemingly changing your visits at the last minute or canceling them altogether without an appropriate reason or providing you with makeup visitation time, it is time to talk with a child custody lawyer. If you already have a visitation schedule set by the courts, the other parent could be held in contempt. If there is not a custody order in place, now would be the time to get one. The last thing you want is to be the victim of parental alienation.

If you suspect that it is indeed getting to the point where you need to retain a family law attorney, you will want to go ahead and do just that. The quicker you retain a suitable child custody lawyer for their services, the quicker you will be able to get any lingering issues resolved. Remember to act fast because the longer you wait to talk with a lawyer, the harder your case might be to win.

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