If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

Reasons To Limit Alcohol Availability At Your Backyard Barbecue This Summer And How To Do It

15 June 2017
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Food on the grill, laughs in the sun, friendly conversation, and cold alcoholic drinks are all reasons why holding a backyard summer barbecue at your house can be a lot of fun. While serving alcoholic beverages at the party, whether it is ice cold beer or chilled wine, can be a great gesture as a host or hostess, not limiting how much guests drink can get you in some really sticky situations. Read More …

2 Times When Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Is Essential

8 June 2017
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Trying to ensure that you get the money that you deserve after you have been injured at work can often be a difficult and complicated task, especially if you have suffered an injury that is especially severe. Listed below are two times when hiring workers' compensation attorney is essential for filing a claim: If Your Injuries Result In A Permanent Disability One of the most important times to hire a workers' compensation attorney to assist you is if your injuries at the workplace resulted in a permanent disability. Read More …

What Information Should You Share With Your Defense Lawyer?

8 June 2017
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A criminal defense attorney is arguably the most important person in your life after you've gotten arrested. While you might feel uncomfortable about sharing certain information with them, it's vital to share details regarding the following issues: Past and Current Substance Abuse You may be deeply embarrassed about a past alcohol problem or a casual drug habit that you had somewhere in your past. What's more, you may not even think it's remotely relevant to the crime you're accused of today, particularly if the charge has nothing to do with alcohol or illegal substances. Read More …

What Could Go Wrong When You Buy A Franchise?

6 June 2017
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Owning a franchise can give you financial freedom if it is done properly. Unfortunately, some franchisees do not properly research and plan for their new business and end up making costly mistakes. If you are considering buying a franchise, here are some mistakes you need to avoid:   Going It Alone  One of the biggest misconceptions that franchisees make is believing that they do not need their own attorneys to help them through the process. Read More …

Feel You Are Being Pushed Into Changing Your Will? Here’s What You Need To Know About Undue Influence

2 June 2017
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If you've recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and a beneficiary is pushing you to make changes to your will, you should speak with an attorney immediately. While this is—no doubt—the most difficult time in your life and you are likely stressed, making changes to your will at the insistence of someone who will benefit the most from those changes may cause the will to be contested by other beneficiaries or family members. Read More …

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