Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Disability Lawsuit Team

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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Disability Lawsuit Team

20 April 2017
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Usually, most people just hire a disability lawyer for their problems with disability claims. However, if your disability is the direct result of injuries at work, you might want a legal team to double up and work on this problem for you. There are some good reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer and a disability lawyer together is a good idea.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Can Verify Your Injuries as Debilitating

Personal injury lawyers see hundreds of cases every year where people are injured on the job and are trying to get monetary compensation in one form or another. These lawyers know and recognize what constitutes a debilitating condition under personal injury laws. Ergo, having such a lawyer on your legal team helps to verify that you have legitimate, work-related, debilitating injuries. He or she can also act as an expert witness, if necessary.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Can Pursue Additional Lawsuits for Your Injuries

While you wait for various types of disability claims to be settled and benefits to begin payment, the personal injury lawyer on your legal team can pursue a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. If he or she wins your case, you will at least have a little money to live on while you wait for your disability benefits. Your disability lawyer can also appear in the personal injury case to verify the facts in your situation.

Both Personal Injury Lawyers and Disability Lawyers Frequently Work on Contingency

Both of the lawyers in this dynamic legal team of yours are lawyers who frequently work on contingency. That means that if you get two lawyers together to help you with your injuries and disability benefits, they only get paid if they win your case. That is a big motivator for them to help you win, and a bonus for you if they lose because then you do not have to pay them. If you can find and hire two such lawyers, you should definitely do so.

Double the Legal Effort Equals Half the Time in Court

When you have two lawyers working for you, you may spend significantly less time in court. Because both lawyers are working toward a common goal for you, they are coming up with solutions and out-of-court settlements fairly quickly. You may not even have to appear in court if your legal team can get the other party to agree to grant you your benefits.

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