When Should You Hire A Tax Attorney?

If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

When Should You Hire A Tax Attorney?

7 June 2023
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There are attorneys out there who focus primarily — or entirely — on providing tax-related services for their clients. You may have always been able to handle your taxes yourself, or your accountant or tax preparation professional might have handled your taxes for you. However, at some point, you may find that you could benefit from hiring a tax attorney. These are some of the times when hiring a tax attorney may help your situation.

You Haven't Paid Taxes in Years

Some people make the mistake of not filing a tax return each year like they are supposed to, or there is the possibility that you have filed tax returns but have not paid the taxes that you owe. It's easy for these situations to get out of control, especially when they go on for years. Now, you might not be sure of how much you owe or what your next steps should be. It's important not to continue to ignore this situation any longer. A lawyer can help you determine what you should do next to get your situation under control.

The IRS Has Taken Collection Action Against You

In some cases, the IRS will take collection action against you, such as by taking money from your bank account or garnishing your wages. If this has happened, or if you have received notice that it might happen soon, you may want to hire a tax attorney to help you.

You're Facing Criminal Charges

In some cases, you can be charged criminally for things like tax evasion. If this happens, the consequences can be severe. If you hire a tax attorney, they can help you as much as possible with avoiding criminal convictions or reducing charges.

You're Being Taxed Too Much

In some cases, the IRS gets things wrong and attempts to tax someone more than they are supposed to. Naturally, you don't want to be responsible for paying more in taxes than what you actually owe. If you talk with a tax lawyer about this situation, they can help you determine if you are, in fact, being charged too much in taxes. Then, they can help you take necessary action to reduce your tax burden to what it's supposed to be.

As you can see, there are many cases when you can and probably should hire a tax attorney. With a little searching, you should be able to find a tax attorney who can help you with your tax-related situation, no matter what it might be. For more information, contact a legal firm such as IRS Trouble Solvers, LLC.

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