If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

Assumption Of Risk Defense In Amusement Park Injury Claim

29 April 2020
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The assumption of risk defense alleges that the plaintiff knowingly and voluntarily exposed themselves to the risk that caused the injury. The plaintiff doesn't get any compensation if the defense is successful. Below is an overview of the assumption of risk defense with reference to amusement parks. Types of Assumption of Risks An amusement park can use these two forms of assumption of risk. Express Assumption of Risk The express assumption of risk applies if the defendant explicitly warned the plaintiff about the risk that ended up causing the injury. Read More …

What Happens With Medical Bills While Waiting For A Settlement?

18 March 2020
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Folks who go to personal injury attorneys often have questions about what they're going to do in the meantime to pay their medical bills. One of the biggest factors that drive the acceptance of settlements is this fear, but most personal injury lawyers will tell their clients to be patient. Here's what you need to know about handling medical bills as you wait: Paying Through Health Insurance The simplest way to address this problem is to have all your medical bills sent to your health insurance carrier. Read More …

How Can You Recover From Your Car Accident Injuries?

24 February 2020
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If you've been injured in a car accident, you may face large medical bills and lost wages that could lead to financial ruin. Luckily, you have several options for getting your money back. The Other Driver's Insurance If the other driver caused your accident, you'll probably want them to pay for your injuries, property damage, and other losses. That's exactly what their liability insurance is for and is why all drivers need liability coverage by law. Read More …

Does Your Employer Have A “Glass Ceiling” For Female Employees?

18 December 2019
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Does it seem like no matter how good you are at your job that you still get overlooked when it comes time for a promotion? Are you starting to notice that it seems like the upper echelons of your employer's company are stacked exclusively with men? It may be time to question whether or not your being treated fairly. Here's what you should consider. Your employer may have a glass ceiling. Read More …

What Is Negligence, Legally Speaking?

25 November 2019
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Knowing that you were harmed because another party failed to do their duty to protect you can be a terrible feeling. From a legal perspective, though, you may wonder what makes a situation bad enough that it justifies compensation. Let's review the topic from the perspective of a negligence attorney. Establishing a Duty of Care At the core of all negligence laws is the idea that someone has a duty of care. Read More …

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