teenage mistakes that could ruin adult careers

If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

Using A Payroll Service For Your Company

2 July 2017
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Managing the payroll for your company can be a lot of work and if you do not understand all the regulations surrounding payroll and employee wages, it can be difficult and time consuming for you to get right. There are some options that you can use to help make it easier but it will still require some time dedicated to payroll and learning the rules governing it. If you are looking for a better option, you might want to consider using a payroll service to help you. Read More …

How Employer Badmouthing Can Lead to Financial Loss

27 June 2017
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It's normal for an employer to admonish an errant employee; no employee should be left to act as they wish. However, some employer actions go beyond admonishment and enter the realm of defamation. For example, an employer who calls you a good-for-nothing thief when you really aren't a thief is defaming you. Such employer actions can cause you financial loss in various ways. For example, it can lead to: Loss of Promotion Read More …

Protecting Your Interests Through Information And Engagement - Questions For Your Residential Real Estate Attorney

23 June 2017
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Owning your own home can be a fantastic accomplishment that you'll be proud of your entire life. It might also come with some challenges that you never saw coming, and you need to be prepared to respond to those concerns as they arise. Working with a real estate attorney to protect your interests is an important first step, but it's important that you strive to develop productivity from that relationship. Read More …

Delayed Long-Term Effects Of Minor Traffic Accidents: Why You Should Still Sue

19 June 2017
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Most people are shocked to learn that even minor traffic accidents can have delayed, major, long-term effects. For instance, you can get a brain bleed from being smacked in the face by an air bag. The pressure against your face throws your head back to meet the headrest, and you could have some internal injuries in your skull. Even if you can walk away from an accident and feel fine, you may not be. Read More …

Reasons To Limit Alcohol Availability At Your Backyard Barbecue This Summer And How To Do It

15 June 2017
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Food on the grill, laughs in the sun, friendly conversation, and cold alcoholic drinks are all reasons why holding a backyard summer barbecue at your house can be a lot of fun. While serving alcoholic beverages at the party, whether it is ice cold beer or chilled wine, can be a great gesture as a host or hostess, not limiting how much guests drink can get you in some really sticky situations. Read More …

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teenage mistakes that could ruin adult careers

My son has had the goal of becoming an attorney since he was about 14 years old. Unfortunately, he made a very poor decision with a group of friends when he was 16 that put his future plans in jeopardy. When my son told me what had happened and we received the citation, I knew that we had to hire an attorney to help him through this. I could not see how a small incident such as this should hurt his chances for success when he is an adult. Thankfully, things worked out for us, but it was a long journey which you can follow on our blog.