If you made mistakes as a teenager that could potentially hurt your career as an adult, learn from my family's experience on how to help with that situation.

Medical, Psychological, And Financial Consequences Of A Traumatic Amputation

30 September 2019
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One of the most extreme examples of a catastrophic injury is a limb amputation. Despite the gravity of a traumatic amputation injury, your insurance company may make an attempt to minimize your pain and suffering when you file a claim. A catastrophic injuries lawyer offers you the experience you need to pursue your legal rights so that you get the compensation you deserve after your amputation. Here are some of the most common emotional and financial consequences of an amputation injury. Read More …

Different Types Of Truck Accidents

29 August 2019
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If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident involving an 18-wheeler, you may be entitled to compensation. Due to the gigantic size and weight of a truck hauling cargo, accidents involving an 18-wheeler are usually quite serious and could include fatalities. Hiring a truck accident attorney has proven beneficial for many people who have been involved in these serious accidents. There are many different types of truck accidents, which could be the fault of the truck driver or the driver of another vehicle. Read More …

How To Take An Assertive Approach To Your Divorce

27 June 2019
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When it comes to legal matters, and divorce is a legal matter at its heart, it makes far more sense to be assertive rather than submissive. No matter how you personally feel about your spouse, just sitting back and waiting for the divorce to impact you is unwise. The actions you take now (and the ones you fail to take) could affect your life for years. Read on to find out how to take an assertive approach to your divorce. Read More …

When Debt Collectors Ignore Your Bankruptcy

27 June 2019
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One of the most awesome effects a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing brings consumers is the immediate disruption of debt collection activities. This means no more letters, phone calls, threats, lawsuits, and more. Unfortunately, some debt collectors may not comply. Read on for some reasons why you are still being contacted about debts and how to handle the situation. The Automatic Stay After you file, the automatic stay goes into effect. A stay, in legal terms, means " Read More …

What Are Extenuating Circumstances?

22 April 2019
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In presenting a defense regarding a criminal complaint, the simplest approach is usually to prove that the alleged offenses didn't happen or that the defendant isn't the person who did them. Some cases, however, call for a different tack because there's no basis for the defendant to claim complete innocence. Even in situations where you might have done something bad, there's usually more to the story than that. In the parlance of a criminal law attorney, these other factors that explain what happened are called extenuating circumstances. Read More …

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